Temporary NTRDR Logo – Design is not exactly my forte, and I like simple and minimalist stuff, so forgive if it looks too plain for your taste.

Finally managed to dip my hands in actual HTML5 coding. I have settled on a personal template to use on building a basic page for now.

My attempt is to programmatically draw a logo, using lines and arcs, for a new and still unclassified project NTRDR. I will then apply concepts to the redesign of the Watari’s Machine site (to replace all the Flash).

Since not much can be done to protect HTML and JavaScript code (well maybe minify and a couple of obfuscation methods), I still have to determine how much sharing I will do willingly. If you are interested to check it out, go to www.ntrdr.com, and then inspect the source code of the page. (Although nothing earth shaking is there at the moment.)

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