Globe and SUPERSURF50

It was an interesting Twitter experience for me when an innocent tweet got picked up by a rep from Globe Telecom. I thought it was nice (cute, even) at the beginning until it started becoming ridiculous.

This was the tweet that started everything (click on the date links to see full threads):

And this was me right after the initial exchange:

It became stupid after that. Especially when they started giving their troubleshooting advice in private. (NOTE: I just noticed I gave them the wrong date. Harhar. Should be 9/8/2013.)



So I’ve been posting sarcastic tweets:

Unfortunately, they won’t stop:

This is really becoming stupid so I don’t think I will be fueling this exchange anymore.

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2 thoughts on “Globe and SUPERSURF50”

  1. It was the same with my concern before too, ang labo nilang kausap and they keep changing reps in between. I never got a proper reply. (-_-)

    1. The funny thing about all this was that I wasn’t expecting it to get picked up by anyone. It was just one of my random tech posts. Finally, it just got tiring to deal with them.

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